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Links to land use and zoning documents


District C Future Land Use Plan (FLUM) requests (includes Lower Coast Algiers, Algiers, Treme, and French Quarter.


Link to Master Plan FLUMS and Zoning a brief education.

City Planning Commission explaining the Master Plan, and the revision process. It includes the list of public meetings along with outlining the review process.

City of NOLA Online tools (automatic notices etc.) are available on the RESOURCES tab. 

Coming to Lower Coast Algiers - if YOU let it

276 Apartments

128 one bedroom, 124 two bedroom units and 24 three bedroom units

 3 & 4 Story Buildings

13 Three story buildings and two 4 story buildings within 17 acres site.

400 + cars

The site plans include three six-car garages and ground level parking for 400 + cars.

Download Full Plans submitted to the City of New Orleans Design Advisory Council for review.

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